Many business owners have asked themselves this question at some stage “how do I get more customers” This challenge is crucial for every web promotional activity. Consumer Internet shopping trends are set to grow and many companies now spending more on web marketing than any other media resource.


The most important and influential web based marketing strategy is natural page rank. PR is also the inexpensive option; search engines catalogue every site and then deliver the results to users around the globe, the most influential websites listed first.


If you look at the CD market for instance there are close to one hundred million competing sites. This is why keyword research and selection is crucial change the search term by adding country and the competition volume is halved, change it again and insert regions and the competition drops dramatically. Keyword optimisation has a big impact on the volume of visitors a website is able to generate; if you are taking on the big corporations with big budgets “good luck” you’re going to need it, supermarket vs. the local shop comes to mind. The advantage of web marketing is you do not need to spend millions with the right keywords and site set up (SEO) you can achieve a competitive page rank.




The basic formula for every website should include:


1. A keyword rich title page

2. Meta tag description

3. H1-2-3 headers

4. Body text content

5. Keyword position

6. Image ALT keyword tags

7. Keyword hyperlinks

8. Back-links



Search engine optimisation is a must but sadly many businesses simply do not know where to commence. Armed with a report

from E Pineapple you will possess all the data and guidance necessary to make the required changes to each and every page.


Improving your on page SEO without such data would be like trying to take a driving test without a car. Marketing online has become more sophisticated no longer can you stuff a few keywords into your Meta tags and instantaneously enjoy a high page rank. Remaining on the car theme web drivers are either chauffeur driven at great expense or stuck at the traffic lights not sure what gear to select. The map and guidance provided within our site analysis provides you with a high performance sports car,therefore you can take of just like a formula one racer “poll to podium” is possible depending on your particular keyword niche.


Brand marketers have used conventional media routes to promote business in the past , however these main stream and often first choice avenues to market have felt the pressure from the digital era. “E” commerce and the digital information highway has gathered significant pace and if the prediction is to be believed the switch over from conventional market advertisement and promotional routes then we are set for even bigger budget allocation being assigned to the electronic web world.


Corporations with large pockets determined to create brand awareness would look at TV as a key marketing option, however as broadband has evolved the Internet has developed into the ideal platform for brand building and product promotion and their is going to be a whole new raft of opportunities for them to spend their budgets on.


Search engine page rank


The plain facts are web marketers cannot afford to waste any time on other site factors if the SEO is not published in the correct format. Results will be like trying to drive a car on water “it won’t go” fill the search engines with the right fuel and you will find your website in the traffic.




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