Creating a web marketing strategy is like all activities, easier with the right equipment. The resources available from “E” Pineapple will enable you to take action on the key elements that generate more traffic. Online business promotion is cost effective when compared to other mediums and can with the right tools prove easy to implement or is it? The problem is that many businesses market their company on the web with little or no knowledge of how to optimise their performance and therefore remain in shadows of their competitors. With the power of “E - P” SEO your web marketing will focus on key targets that generate results. Our technique and online development plan will make your sure your promotions improve. If your company is to be seen by more potential clients this is must have information.



The Internet marketing road is a long and hard route, even if you have been online for years the chances are that you still doing things that restrict your results. Generate more potential clients with the from team from E P SEO.

Website design requires attention to every single on page detail for your business to succeed online. Paramount to each web page is content; marketing online requires high quality on-page material therefore the required body text quantity has to be one of the initial design tasks. Body text is very important for the major search engines and site visitor.

Attracting and retaining site visitors requires a number of methods, layout and navigation are two of the key components the way each page set up and directs a user to the key messages is the essence of all good page designs.

Selecting a domain name that is keyword rich is important as this contributes to your on page SEO. There are many sites where you can purchase a domain for your website, however two sites used by E Pineapple are Go Daddy and Cheap Domains you will find more information on Domains below.

Our web design programme will guide you through every essential component to ensure that your new published site is set to challenge for page rank.

Search engines regularly visit websites to read and index content, this process aims to ensure that visitors are supplied with the best sites first. There are many website designers to choose from but only a few provide on page SEO as a fully inclusive package.


Business marketing that makes a real difference!


Web marketing is tough without the right professional assistance our team are SEO trained and qualified. E Pineapple audit and development programme is second to none! if you require a cost effective solution that delivers results contact us. No outlandish guarantees or promises, simply an effective service that will clearly show how you can optimise your site and generate more site visitors.


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Web Design with effective SEO


E P SEO have a number of ready made website templates which allow us to easily and cost effectively produces a new web platform for your business.


Each new site will be delivered fully set up to achieve the maximum SEO score for your on page content.


Website design that focuses on results. Below you will find some essential tools to aid your online promotion.




Without the correct SEO set up your site will not generate the required traffic volumes! you will be your competitors best pal “who wins in business making friends” Effective SEO website is simply a must have if your serious about improving page rank and traffic for your web pages.

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The Internet highway explosion continues at a rapid pace with many consumers choosing to contact a company that has a web presence first.

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