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SEO website report from EP SEO Sat Nav is a must have document if you are serious about your page rank.


What strategy do you need so that your website marketing works?

Marketing online requires a structured approach this may sound like an obvious statement to many website owners; however from past experience many web marketers do not know how to improve performance of their on page (SEO) search engine optimisation comes in two forms on page and off page. Recently the trend has been for web site owners / marketers to focus the majority of their efforts on back link building, whilst this is a key objective take a look at the statement below.


Web pages that have a correct on page SEO set up will out rank a site that relies solely on back links the chart below illustrates from analysis undertaken that a page with on page SEO and less back links can consistently out rank pages that rely solely on their link strategy.


if you can say that you clearly know what is required to improve your search engine ranking and your site is on the way to delivering good profits “ROI”  then you probably do not need our help.



































Website SEO


Website audits carried out by our team of professionals will provide you with exact information on your keyword niche and how you’re on page search engine optimisation ranks against the top ten performers. Yes that’s exactly what we are able to deliver your results along with that of your direct competition. “Espionage insider dealing maybe” increase your chances of a good page rank “certainly”.





























Beat the competition with inside SEO information on the top ten ranked sites in your niche!

Standout SEO



Successful online marketing starts with keywords. A potent page 1 rank on Google can at times prove difficult particularly if you are listing a new site without any history. All too often new sites come to market and position themselves up against well established web sites that have a long established proven record and carry a strong on and off page (SEO) search engine optimisation. Put simply the keywords you decide to rank for is the most important factor get this wrong and your chances of succeeding are seriously hampered, avoid this by spending time to find good traffic phrases that allow you to compete from day one.


Keyword Search


Customers are vital to every business sounds like an obvious statement but many website set themselves up to be starved of visitors. Understanding your customer’s requirements and the competition is no easy task, the product knowledge you have within your team is key to the success of your company and many have utilised this knowledge to select the keywords for their online marketing. The problem with this type of approach is often the viability of the chosen search term is not accurately researched. Keywords with no traffic or phrases that are ultra competitive will result in your website being starved of traffic or even destine to fail before life has even started.  A little more time spent researching keywords can have a dramatic effect on your potential traffic value.

Google provides a free service to aid keyword research the site address is:



Google is naturally keen to assist you with your keyword research as this helps them index your site within the correct category. Generic keywords for example could relate to a wide range of searches options this may not help Google display your site to the correct audience. Now whilst keyword external is useful tool to find phrases that provide good traffic volumes that have less competition you need wordtracker.




Like all tasks they are much easier if you have the right tools! Wordtracker is one of the best keyword research tools on the market their keyword and phrase match system enables you to determine how many competing sites are using a particular keyword whilst identifying the search phrases that have the best traffic potential. Wordtracker database holds million and millions of search terms all of which are updated on a weekly basis.


Find hot keywords efficiently and quickly with wordtracker quite simply this tool is an essential investment and a must have resource for all your online marketing activities “remember your success is all about keywords”


This is just a very small sample of the essential information every website must have to be able to compete for a page one rank on Google.

Google page one is simply not possible without the right on page SEO

unleash our SEO supercomputer to analyse thousands upon thousands of vital web data a bit like a Google Bot but this time the information is collected in a specific manner that enables our team to provide you with the answers. A report from E Pineapple and you will be armed and ready to take action. Website route maps of both your site and your key competition. We can even run a further results check once you have completed the required amendments. Without this type of information you will simply be in the dark unless you employee an SEO professional at rate that is often too expensive to many SME organisation.

Indexed with the correct SEO set up for Google Yahoo and Bing should be your prime concern you may have the best looking all singing website but it won’t make any difference

if you have little or worse no traffic, basically you have wasted your time and money. We have helped clients who have already spent a significant amount of money on software and instruction books only to find they have achieved zero benefit why? The information provided is often not easy to interpret therefore with little experience of how to undertake vital site corrections many go onto fail despite countless hours attempting to install the required SEO amendments. Our easy to understand route map identifies each category in bite sized sections therefore even for a novice it ‘s made easy to follow and implement.

You simply cannot afford not to buy this document if you are determined to develop a strong PR.  


At first you may find it a little daunting to implement changes but you will soon realize that if you are going to have a chance of succeeding online this is a must do task (its the priority of all priorities) and you cannot afford any delays getting to grips with your website SEO set up. Our step-by-step methods of implementing those vital changes are both easy to follow and implement. There are many ways of bringing traffic to your website and with the report we will provide you with an additional tool so easy and straightforward to follow that once you have your on page SEO set up right for your keywords you can commence a process of developing your off page SEO. The information is again supplied in a format that is easy to follow and simple to implement. If you follow this formula your page rank will command more influence with the search engines.

Don’t put this off for another minute if you are serious about delivering visitors to your website

Less than 10% of website visitors find websites without using a search engine, so with 90% of web traffic being delivered by the search engines and the major providers leading this delivery by a significant margin (Google Yahoo and Bing) Google being the heavyweight with over 80% of

traffic generation. Not optimising your website for the major traffic providers like buying a car without an engine “you going nowhere” and the keyword/keywords are the fuel put the wrong juice in your car and it will have performance problems.


SEO 1.2.3


1. Research you keywords

2. Optimise your on page elements

3. Build back links



There is a crystal-clear procedure to get thousands of potential web visitors every day; you don’t need to be a SEO guru follow the recommendations and secure a PR rank that will transform website traffic.


Every SEO professional will tell you that every successful campaign starts with on page optimisation so get started today buy ordering your web site audit.


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With the right tools and information from E-P SEO you can improve your website page rank

With your SEO report making the right changes is as simple as “ABC”.

Back-links Why and how to grow your links

Back links are the off page SEO essential factor, the more high quality back links a web page has can significantly boost page rank and higher page rank equals more traffic. Focus on quality apposed to quantity find link partners in your niche that have clout. A link from a website in a similar sector with a high PR is more powerful than a volume of links from sites with a low PR and a different category.


To outrank your competition you need a strong on page SEO set up and a higher number of quality back links. Building back links needs to be a regular objective! If you know how many links your site needs to out rank niche rivals set up a weekly link target and steadily grow your links partners, search engines want websites to develop their authority naturally and therefore frown upon deceptive tactics or links from what may be described as a devious source (Link farms).


“Natural back-link growth matters”

When you embark on your link building strategy a key thing is to look natural in the eyes of the search engines, Google and the other search engines will support sites that are growing their links naturally as this is a key factor in how well they deliver authority sites to the end user. Remember the search engine are also judged on how efficiently it delivers relevant sites to each user. A web page that provides a structure that is well-built (SEO) search engine friendly with the right number of quality back links (Votes from supporting on line authority sites) is going to win favour with the majors Google Yahoo and Bing and this equates to more traffic, more traffic equals more business. Get this right and you will have it cracked! Your site will begin to challenge for those coveted page 1 position.(Pole Position).

Returning to on page SEO let’s look at the key components and the effect they have on the way the search engines view your web page. The title of your page must record an accurate concise description of the page content this is a very important factor for on page SEO. The length of your title tag and the position of keyword also need’s to be considered this is where a report from e – Pineapple comes into its own, not only does this SEO analysis calculate your keyword optimum position it also records that of the competition along with each websites SEO score! What better way to set about whipping your keyword opponent. Title tags need to be compelling “This is your sales headline” Potential site visitors have to be encouraged to click on your site directory link.


Meta Description Tags

Information listed in a Meta tag is used by search engines robots to index a web page there are several types of Meta tags the majority of these type of tags are only of any use to search engines.

Therefore as the Internet highway high tools and technology continues to develop Meta tags have become synonymous with search engine optimisation. The past practice of a webmaster would have been to stuff their Meta tags with keywords regardless of how a certain keyword phrase featured throughout a web page. In a quest to protect the integrity of search results Google, Yahoo, Bing and all other search engines employee a process known today as a Meta crawler (Spider) Today a webmaster must focus on good collective site content; Google has in many of its recent communications stated that Meta keywords are no longer a key factor in how it ranked a web page, however PR rank is often won by narrow margins leaving any element out is simply not an option.


Meta Keywords

The other tag is the Meta Keyword Tag like its more powerful Meta description tag family member the Meta keyword tag was once a heavy wait in the SEO on page world but today you need a more rounded process “remember narrow margins” every component counts it still has impact maybe less than it once commanded, however when you are striving to out rank your competitors you cannot leave any factor to chance a remember some of the smaller search engines still judge Meta keyword tags when assessing on page SEO.


Body Text

Web pages require good quality and relevant content the number of words varies dependent on the subject and the excellence of the representation delivered by the particular niche competition. The density of a keyword is an important element as is the position of your keywords these factors will determine your body text score. This is a difficult factor to judge without the right tools like all on page SEO elements it is imperative that the set up leaves nothing chance! Successful web site owners have already grasped that on page SEO has become a vital element.


Line up on page SEO with quality back-links which search engine count as votes and Your site will have presented a formidable case for a good page rank. Search engines use all this data to determine the authority a web page commands for a particular keyword. Many website marketers have therefore focused on developing links (Off page SEO) Leaving the task of on page search engine optimisation until latter or even worse failing to complete. Search Engine Optimisation requires 100% application leaving tags absent or insufficient body text to name two SEO factors is simply not an option!  Analysis recorded by SEO experts clearly records that a web page with the right on page SEO with less back links can and often does achieve a higher page rank.  


Body text is extremely important! To be successful at web marketing the right quantity of words and positioning of keywords is crucial to the ranking of your web page this fact cannot be emphasised enough! A web report from e-pineapple will provide you with a precise body text plan for your site.

Avoid keyword stuffing this practice will damage page rank. In Google’s words filling pages with keywords result in a negative user experience and can and often does harm a site’s ranking.

“Body text is a very important on page SEO factor”






Anchor Text


Anchor Text is the visible word content on a page these words are displayed in a format known as a hyperlink. Words set up in this structure link both internally and externally with other wen pages. Anchor text usually provides visitors with useful information and is very important in terms of on page SEO. Anchor Text informs the search engines what the page is about and when used correctly is a major factor in how search engines award each page with a relevancy score. Google has a particular affection for this type of information. A key point to note is that Anchor text must include the keyword phrase to be effective, whilst there have been occasions where a web page has achieved a high PR rank solely based on an unconnected search term this is rare. Including important keywords in anchor text with optimised density and proximity can make a big difference, avoid basic errors many site designers unfortunately still do! If you are unsure how your website is set up then once again this is covered in full within the E Pineapple on page SEO report.


SEO Action Report

Each on page report factor has a similar layout so you can quickly and easily take appropriate action and improve your web pages. Easy to follow instructions and recommendations on how to improve SEO. Combine this with back links and the much converted page 1 position will be within range.



People who make your Website Work!

Urgent SEO report order


The importance of a compelling page title is vital to your SEO on page results. These words describe what your page is about to both visitors and search engine robots; Google uses a system known as a Google-Bot which utilizes a huge set of computers to search billions of pages. The process undertaken by this spider is to compile a massive index of all the words it sees and to identify their location on each individual page published on your website. The search engine then collates this information and indexes each website page based the on page SEO credentials and the number of back links a particular web page has.


Key Factor-Rank Factor


If your on page SEO is set up and promotes a score that beats your niche competition and you have quality back links then your chances of a page 1 rank are extremely strong! Conversely without the right on page SEO you stand little chance of any significant visitors due the likelihood of being awarded with a poor page rank, even if you have more back links than your competitors. A web page with a poor on page set up is not going to win the attention of Google, Yahoo or Bing. * Google Bot (Spiders) cannot identify images – media files or other dynamic page content so the layout of your text is essential!


Search engine authority sites command traffic and traffic  = sales! you simply must have a good SEO on – page set up!

Optimise your website, sounds daunting? To many online marketers this is still the major obstacle to online success; in fact it is the reason why so many websites lay dormant. The problem is that many online marketers don’t know how to amend their SEO on page structure this is no surprise as this requires a programme that can research in-depth data from not only your web page but that of your key competition.


E Pineapple SEO reports analyse your chosen keywords and scrutinize your on page optimisation and then compare your results with the sectors top 10 competitors. What do you receive? An exact plan that will following implementation enable your site to compete for that all important page rank, the cost of obtaining such vital information was previously out of reach to many SME organisations, consequently the opportunity to obtain a competitive page rank proved simply unattainable.



Order your report and be a competitor today!

Find out how to squeeze the competition and improve your page rank


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